Mandarin Oil – Most Sought After

Mandarin oil is indeed the most sought after essential oil among a few others. The oil has all the powerful ingredients that make it a power-packed natural oil that deals with all the problems and even enhances the already fine parts of the internal and external body.

The mandarin oil can be blended with a variety of other oils to slightly change its healing properties, to strengthen or weaken certain properties of the combined oils to create the correct composition of oil for a particular healing purpose.

And of course mandarin oil, also known as the happy oil, works to relive anxiety, fight depression, and uplift mood. Its fresh, flowery aroma acts as a mild sedative. To release the aromatherapy benefits of mandarin oil, it can be either burned or steamed, creating a soothing, peaceful environment.

Mandarin oil is a safe, natural way to cleanse the body and the mind of the unwanted. It is delicate enough for children, and sweet enough to be used all the time. One word of caution, as with many oils, mandarin oil can be photo-toxic. It is not recommended to expose the skin to excessive sunlight after applying mandarin oil to the skin.

Mandarin oil is a useful remedy for many digestive complaints and can be used on babies because of its gentle properties.

Bright and cheerful, the delicate, sweet, tangy aroma of mandarin is refreshing and uplifting. Mandarin essential oil, expressed from the peel of mandarin fruit, has a range of gentle therapeutic properties. Its soft citrus scent is mild enough for babies and children and can be used throughout pregnancy.

Mandarin oil has a soothing effect on the digestive system. The oil is particularly good for treating –

  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Stress

Mandarin’s primary action is as a tonic that aids the digestive process. It stimulates the appetite and the liver, helping to regulate digestion and the breakdown of fat. It has proved useful for soothing stomach cramps, morning sickness and indigestion. Used as part of a detoxifying program, it reduces fluid retention and purifies the body.

Mandarin oil is a very effective treatment for scars and stretch marks, especially when combined with neroli and lavender. Its astringent action helps to clear congested and oily complexions and can be used to increase the firmness of loose skin.

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