Mandarin Oil – Tangy Antiseptic

Mandarin essential oil, apart from being an amazing skin health booster, is also a wonderful antiseptic, which is rather tangy. The so and so many qualities of this always make it stand out from the rest. This oil is a little citric in nature.

Mandarin Essential Oil, expressed from the skins of the Mandarin Orange, has a heavenly sweet and sedating scent. The oil from this powerful little fruit protects wounds from becoming septic as well as from other bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

The potent botanical compounds form a protective covering on the wound and promotes the collection of blood platelets and leucocytes at the affected area, thereby checking the intrusion of microbes. Mandarin oil is one of nature’s essential oils that is particularly helpful in preventing stretch marks. Mandarin is very gentle and can be used by children as well as older adults.

Mandarin oil has various benefits when used in skin care product formulations such as –

  • Refining the texture of the skin
  • Good antiseptic
  • Cell rejuvenating properties

The delicious aroma of mandarin is uplifting, relieving depression and anxiety. Engenders feelings of joy and hopefulness. Beneficial for combating insomnia resulting from stress and anxiety. Mandarin is an excellent oil for the prevention of stretch marks and the reduction of scarring. The volatile oil is tangy and sweet smelling and is yellowy-orange in color.

A tonic to the digestion, stimulates appetite, particularly after illness or loss of hunger due to depression. Seems to have a stimulating effect on the liver, helping to regulate metabolic processes and aids in the secretion of bile and of breaking down fats. At the same time it is calming to the intestines and good for expelling gas. Its cheering action is sometimes used as part of a blend to ease pre menstrual tension. Possibly has an enhanced effect when blended with other citrus oils.

Mandarin oil comes from the fruit that you more likely know as a tangerine. With a history dating back thousands of years to traditional Chinese medicine, modern aromatherapists still use mandarin oil to help with stretch marks and scars. Mandarin does not irritate your skin and unlike most citrus oils, it does not increase your susceptibility to sunburns when applied to your skin. Davis says pregnant women can also use mandarin oil safely.

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Mandarin Rich Essential Oil

Mandarin oil is such that is so full of natural secrets which clear the roughs of normal human life. Mandarin natural oil is the most sought after essential oils and does a lot of good to humans. Mandarin oil very famous in the world for its qualities.

At the start of the nineteenth century, the mandarin orange tree was brought to Europe from China and the Far East. The name of this fruit originated from it being offered to the Chinese mandarins as a gift. Mandarin oil is now produced mainly in the countries bordering the Mediterranean. The method of extraction of this oil is machine expressing from the peel of the ripe fruit. The resulting oil is an amber or orange colour, it has a sweet perfume and a heady floral undertone. It is –

  • Non-sensitizing
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-phototoxic
  • Non-irritant

Having similar properties to sweet orange oil, mandarin is mainly a ‘moving’ oil in that it is helpful in treating conditions where stagnation and putrefaction are present. Its primary action is on the digestive system where it is effective in treating conditions associated with a slow digestion such as gastralgia and dyspepsia.

It helps relieve constipation by encouraging peristalsis. It is also helpful in the treatment of the elderly as a mild digestive tonic. Mandarin oil’s lack of toxicity makes it ideal in the treatment of children. The hyperactive are helped by its soothing and calming effect and it is also beneficial  in cases of nervous tension, insomnia and stress. Blended in a base oil and massaged over the abdomen, it successfully treats -

  • Colic
  • Indigestion
  • Hiccups

Mandarin oil has slightly astringent properties which help combat oily skin and acne. Combined with neroli oil and a base oil, it may be used as a massage oil to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. This oil reduces cellulite and detoxifies the body. It can be used to help tone loose skin after weight loss and, in fact, may be used in the treatment of obesity and water retention.

Mandarin makes a very pleasant addition to bath and massage oil blends and may also be used to fragrance a room. It combines particularly well with clary sage, neroli, juniper, lavender, geranium, other citrus oils and the spice oils.

This oil is appropriate if you have a tendency to feel sorry for yourself and is ideal for children who cry a lot, are hard to please and tend to be restless. Using mandarin encourages positivity and a sense of self worth.

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