Mandarin Oil : All About It

Mandarin oil, like all citrus oils, has limonene as its major constituent. This powerful antioxidant protects the body from cancer, heart disease due to hardening of the arteries and other damage caused by free radicals. Besides limonene, there are at least ten other essential oils with various functions.

Mandarin oil is used to treat a number of conditions -

  • Insomnia
  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Increase circulation on surface of the skin
  • Reduce fluid retention.
  • reduce stretch marks after childbirth
  • applied externally to treat microbial and fungal infection

The infusion of dried orange blossoms or leaves is used as a mild nervous stimulant and a treatment for hysteria and seizure.

The zesty aroma of mandarin orange is added to deodorants, soap, health drinks and tonics.

Mandarin orange or tangerine originated in the sub-tropical and tropical parts of Asia, namely, China, Japan and South-east Asia. The Chinese consider this fruit auspicious and symbolize wealth and good fortune when given as gifts during Chinese New Year.

The globular shape and sunny color of the fruit surrounded by jade green leaves reminded one of the sun, which is a ‘yang’ principle- it represents the positive element and generative force in nature. Thus, mandarin oranges are displayed during the Lunar festival. Good things come in pairs. For newlyweds, a pair of this golden fruit represents the branching of the couple into a family with many children. mandarin oranges with leaves intact assure that one’s relationship with the other remains secure.

Mandarin oranges are not only auspicious to the Chinese; they also value the fruit [especially its peel] for its medicinal properties.

Some varieties of the fruit contain a decongestant called synephrine. In 1965, the ‘Dancy’ tangerine’ was found to contain more of the decongestant synephrine than any other citrus fruits.

TCM physicians use either the whole fruit or Chen-pi in their herbal formulations to clear up mucous in the lungs and digestive tract. Chen-pi is also used to relieve cough that produces phlegm.

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Therapeutic Sorcery Of Mandarin Oil

Therapeutic natural oils are gaining vast popularity all over the world for their various natural healing and curing properties and absolutely no side-effects. And when talking about essential oils, mandarin oil in therapeutic uses tops the list.

Mandarin oil is extracted by cold expression from the fruits of the mandarin orange tree (Citrus reticulata) which belongs to the Rutaceae plant family. The oil is yellow to orange with a zesty and sweet aroma.

This evergreen tree is native to China and the Far East, but it is now cultivated in many other warm regions. It can grow up to six metres tall with white flowers and orange fruits.

Mandarins are smaller and sweeter than oranges.

This citrus fruit has multiple health benefits.

As in oranges, Tangerines are very low in calories. However they are very rich sources of vitamin-C, one of powerful natural anti-oxidant which has many essential roles like –

  • Collagen synthesis
  • Wound healing
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-cancer activity

helps prevent from neuro-degenerative diseases, arthritis, etc by removing oxidant free-radicals from the body. Vitamin C helps absorb iron in the food by reducing ferrous form of iron element to ferric form in the gut.

Mandarin oranges can lower the risk of liver cancer. Researchers at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine found that by drinking mandarin juice, people who have chronic viral hepatitis can reduce their risk of developing liver cancer.

This fruit is a substantial source for dietary fibre. Regularly eating fibre helps you feel fuller for longer, which reduces your desire or need to eat more food, assisting in weight loss.

It helps to re-balance the skin and is widely used in skin care products, as it aids in refining the texture of the skin and is used as an antiseptic and a cell rejuvenator.

The essential oil has sweet, oranges and lemons smell and are sedative, digestive and have a calming effect.

Mandarin oil also is –

  • Cytophylactic
  • Depurative
  • Diuretic
  • Tonic

It fights all types of skin infections.

Mandarin oil can be used as a cure for stretch marks, damaged skin and acne scarring; it encourages the growth of new skin cells and replaces previously damaged skin cells.

It is one of the most effective aromatherapy oils and is also non-toxic, non-sensitizing, and does not irritate the skin.

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