Mandarin Oil – Life Source

Mandarin oil is known to have many amazing and great qualities that have been easing the human existence since times immemorial and is still continuing to do so. The oil is very able and is a favourite among essential oil lovers.

Mandarin oil is an essential oil extracted from the cold-pressed peel of mandarin fruit. It has a remarkably sweet and floral aroma, and is a greenish-orange color. Mandarins are native to China where they were once given as gifts to the Emperor’s officials, known as Mandarins. Mandarin oil is most well known therapeutically for relieving stress and anxiety, although it can boast myriad healthful properties.

Mandarin oil is a great antiseptic – it naturally kills bacteria. Citronellal, one of the chemicals found in mandarin oil is anti fungal. Because of its intrinsic cleansing properties, not only can mandarin oil clean the body, but also, it makes a pleasant smelling natural cleaner; just mix a few drops of the essential oil with water. Also, mandarin oil stops the infection of wounds; it creates a protective layer of cells by attracting blood platelets and leucocytes to the wounded area, blocking out all microbes.

As an antispasmodic, mandarin oil can be used to treat muscle spasms, as well as stomach cramps. The essential oil can be mixed with a carrier oil, such as almond or sesame, or even with milk, and then poured into a bath to relieve or even prevent muscle pain. To treat stomach cramps, a tea can be made with a few drops of mandarin oil added to it.

Mandarin oil also works wonders for the circulatory system. It increases blood flow directly underneath the skin. Mandarin oil is often used in creams and lotions, particularly to prevent stretch marks and to revitalize skin.

Another health benefit of mandarin oil is that it improves digestion by promoting stomach juices to discharge. In this way it also stimulates a healthy appetite. Mandarin oil is a depurative, meaning it helps remove toxins and impurities from the body. This does a lot many goods –

  • Purifies the blood
  • Defends against infection
  • Prevents disease

Mandarin oil is considered an overall health tonic as it tones and cleanses all systems of the body, therefore boosting the body’s immune system.

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Mandarin – Orange Wonder

Mandarin essential oil is the household name of many known personalities. The oil is a part of their daily natural skin care and minor ills care needs. The oil gained its name back in the years when science was concentrating solely on natural caring agents and that is exactly when Mandarin came to view and awareness.

The mandarin tree is a member of the orange family. The pure essential oil comes from the outer peel of the mandarin. The mandarin peel is pressed, and from it comes the flowery, sweet aroma scent associated with the oil. This oil is believed to improve mood and “relieve anxiety”. The oil is really a happy oil, as the smell of the oil gives you the feeling of cleanliness. It is safe for all ages, and children especially enjoy the aroma of the oil.

Although the mandarin tree is most commonly found in southern Europe, South America, and Japan, the mandarin tree originated in China. It was named for the Mandarins: the high officials of the former Chinese Empire.

Mandarin oil is a gentle restorative, sedative and tonic and has been used traditionally to –

  • Relieve tummy upset
  • Colic
  • Poor appetite
  • Pre-menstrual syndrome

Mandarin Oil is highly recommended for use in Massage and Bath Oil blends because of its relaxing and gently calming effects. Very good for children’s massage.

Mandarin Essential Oil is a Member of the Rutaceae Family with a distribution throughout Asia and China, the Mandarin tree produces a saffron-coloured oil with a sweet yet tangy aroma. The oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit by cold pressing.

There are many ways mandarin oil can uplift your spirits. Its tart, fresh aroma makes the oil useful for combating depression and sadness. Its properties enable it to ease distress, and it can even act as a gentle sedative.

it helps to prevent stretch marks. Mix mandarin oil with a carrier oil, such as safflower, sweet almond, or grape seed extract, and rub on your stomach every day while pregnant. The mixture should be ½ cup of carrier oil, and 50 drops of mandarin pure essential oil. This oil is safe for pregnant women.

It can also help relieve muscle cramps or tired muscles. Just mix 10 drops of Mandarin Oil and 5 drops of Geranium Oil in 1 cup of milk, and then add to the bath water. You cannot just add oils to water for obvious reasons. They do not mix. You need some sort of carrier, to absorb the oil, then to mix with the water. This is where the milk comes in.

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Mandarin Essential Oil – Natural Burst

Mandarin essential oil is one great oil that deals with various physical and sometimes even internal problems in the most efficient of manner, its manner of using differ though. It even depends on how one uses it according to which it benefits are gauged.

Mandarin (citrus reticulata) is native to China; the fruit of the Mandarin tree was a traditional gift offered to the Mandarins, hence the origin of its European name. The names Mandarin and Tangerine are both commonly used to describe the same essential oil; Mandarin is the common name used in Europe whereas Tangerine is the name used in America.

However, although the same species with the same botanical name, botanically the actual fruit of the tree has very subtle differences in color, shape and size. Tangerines are generally cultivated in the U.S. whereas Mandarins are generally cultivated elsewhere.

Mandarin has been used in ancient China for centuries; the Chinese believed that Mandarin strengthened both the digestive and liver functions. In France, Mandarin is used as a safe remedy for children in –

  • Indigestion
  • Hiccups
  • Digestive problems

Mandarin is considered to be a very gentle and safe essential oil, when used correctly.

The Mandarin is a small, evergreen tree which grows up to 20 feet in height; it has small orange-like fruits (not to be confused with those of the Orange tree), fragrant flowers and glossy leaves. The Mandarin is of the Rutaceae plant family and was firstly brought to Europe in 1805, and then to the USA in approximately 1845 (where it became known as the Tangerine).

Just to tell you, there is a list of difference between the two, so please do not confuse. The differentiation between Mandarin and Tangerine is shown in where the Mandarin is produced today. Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Brazil, the Middle East and Algeria produce the Mandarin; the US states of Florida, Texas and California, in addition to Guinea, produce the Tangerine.

Technically, the Tangerine is larger and rounder than the Mandarin and is more yellow in color; however, both Mandarin and Tangerine oil are commonly used for the same purposes in aromatherapy, in addition to being sold as one and the same.

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