Mandarin Oil – Positive Reach

Mandarin oil has the ability to cure just about any human woe. The oil has natural untouched ingredients that add on to the ability of the oil to deal with various diseases and problems. The ones who use it are always on awe of it.

The soft orange mandarin fruit that comes from a fruit producing tree of the Rutaceae family nourishes in hot and humid climates. It bears the Latin name citrus amanuensis and is linked to the sun. The mandarin received its name in China where they were given to their oriental majesties who were once named Mandarins to show respect.

The essential oil mandarin is extracted by cold expression from the mandarin’s outer peel, in other words by forcing the liquid out by squeezing or pressing the outer peel. The mandarin has sweet, tangy but delicate aroma with a floral undertone to it. If used as a perfume with the low odor intensity it has reviving and refreshing qualities. Once the perfume has been sprayed onto you, you will be aware of its constant aroma as you are with all perfumes. This aroma has a soothing, comforting and warming quality to it; also mandarin aroma has the ability to give you an uplifting feel.

Mandarin oil can be used as an antiseptic helping to reduce or prevent infection. It helps to control muscle spasms with its antispasmodic properties. This oil is good for water infections as it helps to aid urine flow with the mild diuretic property. It is a mild laxative aiding with bowel movements. Mandarin helps to stimulate the digestive and lymphatic systems. It can be used as a tonic giving an –

  • Uplifting feel
  • Aiding the recipient to feel stronger
  • More energetic
  • Generally healthier

Within aromatherapy mandarin oil is used for skin care, the circulatory system, digestive system and nervous system. Concentrating on skin care mandarin can be used to assist acne and oily skin whilst helping to reduce spots. This oil can also help to reduce the effects of stretch marks and scars.

Aiding the circulation system by helping to reduce fluid retention and helps with the secretion of bile and the breakdown of fats which may cause obesity. Mandarin oil assists the digestive system helping to reduce digestive problem like dyspepsia which is the indigestion of stomach acid, along with helping hiccups. It also aids intestinal problems. Looking at the nervous system mandarin helps you to relax by aiding restlessness, nervous tension and aiding insomnia by helping your mind to relax.

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